Common superstitions in roulette

Many fans of gambling entertainment spend their lives trying to figure out the secrets of roulette. Its rules are simple: you need to guess the sector in which the ball will stop when it stops spinning. If you are lucky, then the winnings are yours. The most gamblers have always tried to find methods to help you win. This has given rise to many superstitions. Some of them are absurd, but very interesting. If you have not yet found a reliable casino to play roulette, it makes sense to visit

“Magic” numbers

Many gamblers believe that there are numbers that bring them luck. Some bet on the number of their birth or their wedding date. There are those who believe that the probability of winning increases the betting on sectors that have not fallen out for a long time. Keep in mind that there is no mathematical logic in such tactics. The probability of any sector falling out is exactly the same in each of the many spins. However, many players trust omens more than logic.

Special clothing or actions

Some players believe that the four-leaf clover emblem or specific color combinations in clothing contributes to success. Some play exclusively in the clothes in which once managed to win. Many gamblers say special phrases or make ritual movements before playing.

What are the trends?

Gamblers see a connection between, for example, six black sectors falling out in a row, and piously believe in this connection. However, in roulette there is no such thing as an error. Regularities are excluded unless the wheel is defective. The defect causes certain sectors to fall out more often, and players have every right to take advantage of this.

Drawings and Cell Colors

Many people say that they got lucky with a bet made on the first color they saw. This leads to quite a few players betting on green, even though the probability of a red or black sector falling out is much higher. There are players who see a sign of good luck in certain drawings. The credibility of such superstitions is not proven.

Using the Martingale system

Martingale can be called one of the most popular strategies. If you lose, this system prescribes to increase the bet. One win helps to compensate for losses from unsuccessful spins. To apply Martingale, you need a bankroll the size of which allows you to play until you win. It looks ideal, but in practice to overcome a series of failures and win back not for everyone. Applying Martingale cannot guarantee success.

Unlucky signs and sectors

Superstitious players stubbornly refuse to bet on certain sectors, believing that they bring bad luck. Some never bet on black or the thirteenth sector. It is also believed that bad luck is brought:

  • Entering a casino through the front door;
  • Touching another player;
  • Counting money during a game;
  • Whispering during a game;
  • Billing for $50.

Superstitions help players become more confident. Superstitions can be blamed for failures. There are players who refuse to believe in the ridiculousness of superstitions. Those who follow logic have a better chance of success. Play based not on superstition, but on the experience of others. Analyze your own actions and do not give vent to your emotions. Odds only distract from logical thinking. They have no mathematical proof and are not profitable. It is wise to find a reliable online casino first, where your money will be safe. This will help you get a great result. If you find it difficult to find a reliable casino on your own, you can use This will help you get joy from your favorite gambling games.

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