The best slots in a licensed casino

If we consider from the point of view of an experienced player, the best slots can include games with several characteristics: volatility, maximum winnings, return percentage. All of these parameters can participate in creating an impression of the slot. If you already want to click play now and dive into the world of gambling, we suggest you study this article first, so you can better prepare for the game.

Volatility and maximum win rates

High volatility and a five-figure winning multiplier per bet in the game always work together, because in order to accumulate a large deposit of, say, 50,000 bets, the slot needs to draw a lot of bankrolls. For those who hit the stage of dialing up the money for a big win, clearly put the slot machine among those that take a lot of money and a negative impression will be formed about the slot. Especially if attempts to win something were repeatedly carried out and still remained without result.

Those who are lucky enough to withdraw not even the jackpot, but 2-3 thousand X’s, on the contrary, will remember the slot as the one that really gives you a chance to win. And even if a number of inconclusive sessions follow, the memory of a big win will retain a positive opinion of the game for a long time. In addition, some experienced players report observations that before or after a big win, very expensive combinations often fall out. For example, winning a few thousand X’s was often accompanied by x100 – x200 prizes.

Those slots that have low volatility in their mathematics can also give the impression of a generous slot and end up in the giving slots category. Unlike a high volatility game, which tips over tens of thousands of wagers at a time, but first inexorably eats them up one by one, a low-volatility slot will regularly give small winnings. That is, the player will get the feeling that the slot machine is “hot”, gives to win, and the maximum combination of symbols is about to be collected.

In fact, when the slot with low volatility has a period of accumulation, it will give to play, but will gradually take away the bankroll. So, here we have two completely opposite parameters, which can equally well characterize the slot as giving, but imply different ways of giving out winnings.

High slot payout

Return to Player is expressed as a percentage and shows how much money returns in the form of winnings, relative to the made bets. And the higher the percentage of the game, the more relevant to call this slot profitable. As a rule, the most reasonable percentage of return is about 96%. Below indicates that the slot machine loses its appeal in favor, and many professional geeblers bypass them. But even here there are exceptions. Slot with an RTP of about 90% can gain popularity because of the fact that part of the bets goes to the jackpot formation fund. And it can already be the winnings of millions of dollars.

High RTP – 97% and even 98% – is already a generous return of funds. This figure becomes the main in the definition of the slot, as profitable in many articles on the subject. To find out what machines have in their mathematics contain a high RTP, just visit Gamblerkey and select the parameters in the search filter. Then in a couple of seconds you will get a list of slot machines with high returns or giving slots.

But you should never forget that at least a small percentage remains in favor of the casino. RTP is calculated on a distance of billions of spins, so even 2% in the form of a share of the casino, can mow down a bankroll. Slots with high RTP, though returning a significant portion of the funds in the form of prizes, but they are, as in any casino gambling, necessarily envisaged benefit for the operator.

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