Online casino: is there a way to turn entertainment into work?

Today, a virtual casino is a bit more than just gambling and our article is the best proof of this. Take, for example, slot machines. So you can say with confidence that you know how they are arranged? How can someone play in a casino blindly hoping for good luck and without even having any idea what your actions can lead to with a virtual machine? Admit, at least once you were interested in online casinos, the possibility of winning money here, as well as the existing features of the game in a virtual institution? And surely you had to face many questions – how do virtual gaming clubs work, why do some players lose more often, while others, on the contrary, win more often? The best way to check it is to play online at pin up casino.

Is casino entertainment or a source of income? There is no unequivocal opinion in society; each adheres to his own opinion. Some people dream of visiting a casino and fulfill a wish. It is known that winning in a casino is difficult, but there is a chance. Some players become professionals and turn the game into a source of income, another part also often visits the casino, but the desire to earn money on the game ends in the loss of everything. The question arises: is there a difference between the two groups of professional players or not?

How do they turn entertainment into work?

Superstition regarding luck is prevalent among casino visitors, there is some “system of accepts”, and along with this, players try to use new approaches, the “system”, as some of them express. Is it possible to go against the rules of the casino? The only solution is to use your mind, your abilities. However, does this mean that some are smarter, others are dumber? Not at all – it’s just those who managed to win a large sum of money not of the spoils of fate, but of people who understood how to make money on the game.

Again, invented methods of enrichment fall into two categories: legal and illegal use (some of the methods put people on the brink of crime). Legitimate methods are connected by the attentiveness of the players, a well-trained memory and endurance, a standing player will not do without an excellent memory. In practice, casinos come across people who beat them quite legally without violating any other casino rule. An example is given by a certain Mickey. He needs to be given credit, because at the time of use, the scheme he applied was not considered illegal. By the way, after a while the casinos changed the rules, excluding the possibility of using a similar scheme in the future. Mickey tried to memorize cards, but the efforts did not bear good fruit, often losing. He spent almost 12 months finding a solution to the problem.

Computer vs casino

Can I go against the rules of the casino? The solution was to use a computer during the game. In those years (the 80s) PCs were a rarity, and the dimensions did not allow him to be dragged in a casino. Again, the speed of information processing was unusually low. In order to beat the casino developed their own model. It took the help of a friend, and Mickey together with him beat the casino for 2 million. The machine recorded the distribution of cards to the croupier, and the assistant transmitted Mickey the received data.

Despite the fact that the guys hid their invention, they discovered it and wanted to accuse them of fraud. It turned out that they had not violated any law and the casino had to abandon attempts to return the money won by the computer. Now, of course, such a scheme is prohibited, but no one restricts people in inventiveness, especially since the rules never reach perfection, they always have to change something, adjusting to the course of life. Another thing is that one has to refine oneself in originality, finding new methods of winning casinos, so as not to repeat themselves, those who wish are engaged in researching the history of casinos.

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