Casino deceives players – as losers say

Newcomers, coming to the casino for the first time and having lost a large sum of money, begin to blame all the slot machines in a row for allegedly being designed in such a way as not to give out winning combinations, thus deceiving customers and simply wringing them to the skin. We would like to note that with respect to well-known casinos, it does not matter if they are real or virtual, this is just another myth invented by complete losers.

It is worth remembering once and for all that the popular casinos in which the slot machines are located will never, under any circumstances, engage in such obvious fraud. Otherwise, they will quickly lose most of their audience, and in particular, wealthy regulars – players who bring fantastic profits to such companies.

In turn, players themselves often become scammers on slot machines. And even despite the increasing difficulties of cheating slots, such scammers are not getting less.

There is no reason to suspect slot machines of dishonesty, and casino owners of dishonesty, just because winnings still don’t go hand in hand. Of course, this will fully correspond to reality if it is a project or an institution with a good reputation, which is absolutely not profitable for it to destroy with dubious frauds. It’s enough to just think a bit – the owners of online casino free spins do not need to be badly known, because with it they will have no client players at all, and the business will go into oblivion.

And to attract a large number of players, and even more permanent ones, by their own deception is impossible. Of course, this would allow a quick increase in profits, but in the long run it would certainly lead to the complete collapse and bankruptcy of any casino or slot machine hall. As practice shows, online casinos created exclusively for cheating players do not exist for more than a month. In addition, given the fact that today slot machines in most civilized countries are monitored for honesty by special organizations that impose large fines, cheating players generally disappeared as a phenomenon.

In fact, any casino is an ordinary commercial company providing entertainment services, and slot machines are a way to get these very services. The tactics of the entertainment market are such that the end consumer must be completely satisfied with the level of service. The happier he is, the more he will visit the gaming room or online casino. Accordingly, there is no reason to deceive him. Therefore, if you were unable to win, try again – one day luck will be on your side, allowing you to break a solid jackpot. You can also practice gambling at free casino. As soon as you start to get it, it makes sense to switch to paid games that can bring you profit.

Microgaming Mega Spins at Online Casinos

One of the leading and world-famous manufacturers of software for online casinos, Microgaming, today produces an outstanding and unique class of slots with Mega-spins. This addition makes the game on slot machines much more fun and interesting. This game is somewhat similar to playing video poker on several tables. That is, a certain number of identical slot machines can be activated with just one spin. The bet on each involved slot pays for itself.

When a player clicks on the “Play” button, the simultaneous rotation of all the reels involved starts, after they stop, the payoff is calculated according to the general payout table of a particular gaming machine. Payouts for all games are summed up and make up the total amount of the spin for all slots.

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